Interpretation: consecutive, simultaneous, whispered and sign language

Consecutive interpretation
The interpreter listens to the speaker, translating everything that has been said in law-court audiences, meetings, diplomatic visits, exhibitions, etc. Eventually he takes some notes during the speech.

Simultaneous interpretation
The interpreter translates to the listeners language the speaker’s speech in a seminar, congress, business meeting and other events. It is necessary a specific equipment for this work, such as sound-proof booths. For its demand it takes a pair of translators who take turns.

Whispered simultaneous interpretation
The interpreter does a simultaneous interpretation exclusively to the client that is in a restrict group of participants in a particular or business meeting, congresses and other events of small dimension.

Sign language interpretation
In official or private events where there are people with hearing disability.

Any of these events should be scheduled with Folium minimum 15 days in advance.

Our clients’ list includes state entities, ministries, law-courts, renowned companies and individual clients. See more in “clients”

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