Our clients

Some of the clients who
have trusted Folium Forlag


Resultado de imagem
Norwegian Ministry
of Foreign Affairs (Utenriksdepartementet)


Resultado de imagem para Kultur- og kirkedepartementetNorwegian Ministry of Culture
(Kultur- og kirkedepartementet)


Ministry of Justice
Various Portuguese Courts


Depart. of Investigation and Prosecution


BA-HR na Noruega
Bugge, Arentz-Hansen & Rasmussen


Secretary of State for Culture and Sport of Oslo
(Kultur- og idrettsetaten)


Municipal Council of Porto


Municipal Council of Montijo


Aker Yards in Norway


INCM – Imprensa Nacional – Casa da Moeda


Snøgg in Norway


Strøm Gundersen in Norway


PetroMarker in Norway


Din Tur in Norway


Jotun in Norway


Kellox in Norway


Porto Football Club


Oslo University College (Høgskolen i Oslo)


Other Clients:
Embassies and Consulates
Several Lawyers’ offices

Several translation companies
Private clients, etc.


For its innovation and commitment, Folium Forlag has been granted the sponsorship:
– of Camões Institute (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) in the lexicography area,
– of the Book and Libraries Portuguese Institute (Ministry of Education) in the translation of Portuguese classics,
– of the Fund for Specialized Literature in Norway (Det faglitterære fond) in the lexicography and grammar area.

An act of confidence gives peace and serenity.
Fiodor Dostoievski