Translation, revision

Translation, localisation and revision

With an experience of more than 20 years in the market, Folium Forlag offers its competence in the current, juridical, technical and literary translation services. We stand out for high professionalism, responsibility and confidentiality.

Folium Forlag in Norway and Portugal has got specialized translators in various languages and working areas.
We choose mother tongue translators. Some of them are in their origin countries, which is important for their updating and linguistic skill in their mother and vehicular tongue.

All projects have a coordinator who conciliates the client’s order, the translator’s work and the reviser’s intervention. The final result is his responsibility.

Localisation is an intervention that Folium also makes in order to adapt some content to a regional and cultural variant. In the destination language linguistic adaptations are made in order to give response to the reader’s cultural, regional, social and linguistic demands.

Text revision in any language.

For its innovation and commitment, Folium Forlag has been granted the sponsorship:
– of Camões Institute in the lexicography area,
– of the Book and Libraries Portuguese Institute in the translation of Portuguese classics,
– of the Fund for Specialized Literature in Norway (Det faglitterære fond) in the lexicography and grammar area.

Our clients’ list includes state entities, ministries, law-courts, renowned companies and individual clients. See more in “our clients”

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