Folium works on editorial projects of specialized literature within lexicography and grammar.

Folium has been a pioneer by editing the first Portuguese-Norwegian dictionary (Portugisisk-Norsk Stor ordbok), José Aurélio Rodrigues, ISBN: 978-82-7995-003-6

It has also been pioneer in de edition of first Bilingual Portuguese-Norwegian / Norwegian-Portuguese dictionary (Portugisisk-Norsk / Norsk-Portugisisk Praktisk ordbok), José Aurélio Rodrigues, ISBN: 978-82-7995-010-3

It has also edited the Portuguese-Norwegian / Norwegian-Portuguese pocket dicitonary (Portugisisk-Norsk / Norsk-Portugisisk lommeordbok), José Aurélio Rodrigues, ISBN: 978-82-7995-008-7

Any of these dictionaries has been a result of a long and rigorous search work comprehending Portuguese from Portugal, Brazil and PALOP.

Folium bet on the translation and edition of Portuguese classic authors such as: Camilo Castelo Branco, Eça de Queiroz and Mário de Sá Carneiro.

For its innovation and commitment, Folium Forlag has been granted the sponsorship:
– of Camões Institute (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)  in the lexicography area,
– of the Book and Libraries Portuguese Institute (Ministry of Education) in the translation of Portuguese classics,
– of the Fund for Specialized Literature in Norway (Det faglitterære fond) in the lexicography and grammar area.

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