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If you pay by bank transfer, do it to account nr. 0010.0000.24271180001.50.

The deposit amount will be deducted in the total value of the course. In case it doesn’t take place, the deposit will be returned.
Note: For the English courses of level above A1, we find it essential to do the evaluation test. Each participant needs to be aware of the level he/she is registering in, having no right to claim any refund under the pretext that he/she doesn’t fit. (Please ask for the password of the above mentioned test).

The course coordinator: José Aurélio Rodrigues.


The frontiers of my language are the frontiers of my universe.

- Ludwig Wittgenstein

Language courses

It was Carlos V himself who said that a man who knows four languages stands for four men.
- Madame de Stael


Não tenha dúvidas no que significa "oversettelser". Consulte os nossos dicionários e saberá que o significado é: "tradução"!


Have you ever thought of reading Camilo Castelo Branco, Eça de Queiroz or Mário de Sá carneiro in the language of Henrik Ibsen?


I believe nothing replaces reading a text, nothing replaces the memory of a text, nothing, no game. - Marguerite Duras