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José Aurélio Rodrigues

Graduated in Modern Languages and Literatures by the Faculty of Letters of Lisbon University.

Member of NFF – Norsk faglitterær forfattær- og oversetterforening (Norwegian Association of Writers and Translators of Specialized Literature) from which he has already received several scholarships of specialized literature in the scope of lexicography and grammar.

Author of the first Portuguese-Norwegian Dictionary. He is also author of the Portuguese-Norwegian / Norwegian-Portuguese Academic Dictionary, of the Portuguese-Norwegian / Norwegian-Portuguese Pocket Dictionary and other Works related with Portuguese language teaching.

He taught Portuguese literature and Brazilian literature at the Faculty of Letters of Oslo University.

He was named commander, having been awarded the Insignia of the Order of Merit for his work in favour of the Portuguese language and literature.

He works as a dictionary author, literary/editorial director and coordinator of projects in the translation and teaching area.

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“This work fulfils what was already a serious gap – the absence of lexicographic materials in translating direction from Portuguese to Norwegian and responds to an increasing demand on account of the growth of the economic and cultural relations between Norway and Portuguese-speaking countries.”
Professor Dr. Francis Henrik Aubert
Professor of Translation Science Studies, University of São Paulo, Brazil

“It is with great satisfaction that I notice the publication of this work, opportune and rigorous which is a surplus value for all those who want to increase their knowledge on the Portuguese and Norwegian languages and cultures, contributing, therefore, to the consolidation of the ties that bind Portugal and Norway.”
Ambassador Manuel Barreiros
Portugal Ambassador in Norway (2001 to 2006)

“Many years ago, when I reached Norway, I missed a didactic Portuguese-Norwegian / Norwegian-Portuguese Dictionary. The present dictionary, easy to use and with nice graphical look, will certainly fulfil that gap and make learning easier not only of the Norwegian language to Portuguese-speaking people who come to Norway more and more, but also of the Portuguese language to Norwegian people who wish a closer touch with the Portuguese language.”
Maria Luísa F. Rodrigues

Portuguese and Vice-Consul in Norway

“In my professional area I frequently use this dictionary. It is practical, easy to use and covers everything I need.  It is really of great value. Congratulations to the author for his dedication and thank you very much for making this wonderful dictionary.”
Sílvia Dreys
Brazilian, writer and official of Brazil Embassy in Norway

“Who has already felt the need of a Portuguese-Norwegian / Norwegian-Portuguese dictionary until now, has searched in vain. Therefore, it is with satisfaction that I see this dictionary, quite functional, appearing in the market; a kind of dictionary that I have already missed myself in study and also daily situations in Portuguese-speaking countries. It is a praiseworthy initiative to invest in such an exclusive Project as it is the combination of language pairs Norwegian vs. Portuguese, which, given the great investment and low output, have nothing of lucrative in the economic point of view.”
Liv Berit Sundfør
Norwegian, teacher and translator in Norway